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Our Products are made in the USA with Superior Craftsmanship

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We value our relationships with future customers and hope to communicate our appreciation to them through our outstanding, guaranteed product quality, personal service, and efficient delivery. Our commitment to our customers and the world, will be reflected through honest and responsible business.
Kevin Keen / CEO - Inventor
Sales and Distribution
USA:  (407) 920-6583

Keen American LLC
Post Office Box 679129
Orlando, FL 32867

The Aficionado's Cigar Holder!
Keep Your Hands Clean and Odor Free
The "Sweet Spot Grip" is 100% American Made.
All CAD design, tooling, advertising/branding,
packaging, distribution handled in the USA.
The home base is Florida, all prerequisites
managed by Keen American LLC.
We are accepting Distribution Partners globally.
Copyright & TM 2019, Keen American LLC. All rights reserved.
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